Project Details

Howard Industries Manufacturing Plant
50,000 SF Architectural Signage
Manufacturing Plant
Construction Cost: $3,200,000
Completion Date: November 1997

Howard Industries Manufacturing Plant

Howard Industries is a high-quality and innovative manufacturer of architectural signage that utilizes extruded aluminum panels and has been in business since 1928. Their new facility consists of the manufacturing plant and operations offices.

Their new manufacturing facility was designed to mimic their signage products, buy utilizing bright bands of color on a simple tilt-up pre-cast concrete panel building. This innovative use of common materials with high-impact colors, brings a very rich look to a very simple and inexpensive structure.

Steel columns, beams, aluminum windows and metal panel siding trim bands are used as accent colors to the pre-cast panels, drawing your eye to color accents– not the simple mass of the building. This creates a lot of aesthetic impact for very little cost, and facility maintenance.

Visitor’s, vendor’s and customer’s notice Howard Industries new manufacturing plant– just like the signage that they make in their new facility.