Project Details

Erie Plastics Corporate Headquarters
430,000 SF Plastics Manufacturing Plant
Construction Cost: $11,000,000
Completion Date: May 2001

Erie Plastics Corporate Headquarters

This plastics manufacturing plant began life as an existing warehouse facility. The project included a complete renovation of the existing facility, and a 40,000 sq. ft. corporate office addition and large glass-enclosed “innovation center”.

Existing metal siding was cleaned and a unique and exciting checkerboard painting pattern was used to bring new life to the facility. New windows, with diagonal mullions (aligned with the checkerboard paint scheme) were cut into the manufacturing building to bring light into the space for the employees.

A new all glass “innovation center” was added to the street side of the facility—showcasing the companies commitment to innovative technology and includes three working injection molding machines and a testing lab. The innovation lab and it’s brightly lit interior serves as a signage beacon at night.